A Matter of Perspective

It is after midnight. I’m not sleeping.

Instead of being cuddled up in bed right now, I have spent the past 30 minutes dancing with my slightly feverish babe in a sling. He has, just now, fallen into a light and fitful sleep as I rock rhythmically in our living room.

Usually, I would be slightly annoyed right now. After all, I really do like my sleep and I know that a poorly rested mama (not to mention a poorly rested babe) is a recipe for disaster.

But, I’m not annoyed. Instead, I’m soaking it up. I know that I won’t always get to snuggle him up in the sling. I know he won’t always want to dance with me. I know he won’t always need me to fall asleep, someday he’ll do this all on his own. Someday.

For now, even though it is getting closer to dawn with each passing second, I am trying my very best to look at this as an opportunity, a special time for me and my boy, rather than what it really may be, a terrible interruption to what may have been a perfectly pleasant nights sleep.