A few weeks ago I met up with some mama friends for a lunch out at the First Slice Cafe, a nonprofit cafe about a block away from our house.

I was planning on having a lunch of leftovers with Ewan when we returned home, so I just wanted something small. A coffee and molasses cookie seemed just right.

And boy was it ever!

The cookie was sweet, yes, but also spicy. Just the right amount of both. Enough sweetness to keep you eating your way through the rather large cookie, enough spicy to make one just enough to fill the craving.

Ever since I tasted that cookie, I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve been wanting another one.

Sure, with First Slice less than 5 minutes away it would be easy to just walk and pick another one up. But at over $1 per cookie, it just doesn’t seem sensible. And with all the cooking and baking that I’ve been doing recently, I thought it would be just as easy to try to find a recipe and whip some up myself.

Perfect Little Stack

And today I did. I found a recipe on Tastespotting (oh, tastespotting, I have more to say about you later), walked to Jewel to pick up the necessary spices (spending way more than the $1.50 it would have cost me to buy the cookie), and made a quick batch.

Showing an incredible amount of restraint, I only cooked up 8 cookies today and I put the rest of the dough in the freezer. That way I only have 8 cookies to eat now and I also have more just waiting for whenever that sweet-spicy craving hits. Which, may very well be tomorrow. Time will tell . . .

Waiting to be eaten

My two favorite things about these cookies; they are soft, as advertised, and they came out in the most perfect little circle shapes. They seriously look like they were made by some sort of perfectionistic cookie making robot. I will definitely be making these again.

But before I do, a batch of M&M cookies have been ordered by Aaron, who when told I had baked cookies got just a little bit disappointed when he found out they were molasses cookies. “What ever happened to just normal cookies . . . chocolate chip, peanut butter, M&M?” Don’t worry, once he took a bite the disappointment disappeared. He liked the molasses cookies, but still wants something a little more normal next time.