Lovely Thing #1

After having the fabric sitting around for almost two months, the curtains are FINALLY done! (I used a tutorial over here.)

Hanging in Place

I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference they make in our bedroom. They make it look polished (despite the picture books and clothes strewn about).

Love Them

They make me smile. I mean, really, who wouldn’t smile when looking at those big, beautiful flowers?!

Close Up

They keep the light out, thanks to a blackout lining. (Day seems like night, Ewan naps longer, LOVE that!)

And, best of all, they are Lovely Thing #1 on my life list. You gotta start somewhere.

And, with how happy these simple drapes make me, I am feeling inspired to create even more lovely things for our home. More on that, tomorrow, lord willing. Actually, Ewan willing. If he sleeps, I shall write.

  • Virginia

    At Last! I knew they would make a huge difference. The bedroom seems so serene now, and safer for Ewan because they are off the floor. Nice work! I can’t figure out where you found the time though.


  • Mom

    Lovely indeed. They look great!