Project 365 – January

Over on my life list, one of my goals was to take a photo every day for an entire year. Well, my friends, I’m proud to say that I am 1/12th of the way there.

January in Review

(Click on the photo to head over to flickr to get a better look)

I managed to take a photo, often times many, each day for the entire month of January. And now, just as I hoped, I have this incredible journal, albeit a visual one, of the entire month. With luck, I’ll continue taking photos, at least one each day, so that I’ll have a record of the entire year. 2010 in photos.

Some of my favorites from the month:

The El

This is a photo I took as I headed out for my first night out on the town sans babe. I remember, as I stood waiting for the train, I felt strangely liberated and, yet, lonely. Funny that.

On My Back

This is such a common occurrence these days. Ewan loves being back there and I love having him riding on the mama bus (as we call it). I must admit I carry along a mirror when he’s back there, so I can peek at him and say hello.


This month the babe has been, rather unfortunately, plagued by many illnesses. Here my two men were spending some quality time steaming it up in the shower. While the illnesses were no fun (bronchiolitis and, now, an ear infection), it is amazing the tenderness that it brings about.