Project 365 – April

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I have to say, I really like this project. I like looking through the photos. I like seeing so many moments captured, moments that might have been long forgotten otherwise. I like watching the way my babe has changed over the course of time. Seeing how big he looks in the carrier now, compared to just a handful of months ago. I like it now and, I’m hoping, that my little one will like it too. I hope he’ll like seeing so many photos of himself, really getting to know what his life was like when he was small.

A few favorites from the month (all of the babe this time):

This is the first time he got to explore pouring with rice. I just love the concentration he has when he encounters something new.

And this one, Ewan was just mesmerized as we banged a stick against the fence. He loved the noise it made. Now, when we walk by that fence, he always finds a stick, picks it up and gives it to us. Anxious to hear the sound again.

And here he is, ready to ride. It was our first solo bike ride, to meet Aaron for my birthday lunch. A special lunch, a special day, a special ride. The best!

Already we are a handful of days into May. I believe this is the month that Ewan is going to let go of our fingers and his walker wagon and start walking on his own. We are so close. Good times are ahead, that’s for sure.

  • Luschka

    Those are beautiful pictures. I love the 365 project too. Sometimes I find it a bit tough, but I love doing it. Its amazing to see how much they grow (my daughter is 7 months) and it’s astounding to me how many ‘ordinary’ moments are captured and made memorable this way.


    Danielle Reply:

    The extraordinary is what we remember, in our minds. The ordinary is what I am trying to capture. Those little tiny everyday details that will surely fade with time.