Painting (with a twist)

Sometimes, with a little one around, the days can be long. They need just a little something new, novel and unexpected to grab their interest and engage their bodies (and minds) in something productive and fun!

We were having just that sort of day. The toys were old news. Our books were boring. Ewan needing a little something. And, boy, did he get it.

We painted with our feet!


  • Big Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Tempera Paint
  • Chubby Baby Feet
  • I started by taping a few sheets of giant paper to the sidewalk outside. Then, I squirted some tempera paint onto the paper (a bit too much in hindsight). I took off the babe’s shoes and clothes to simplify clean-up and let him at it.

    Turns out, he was something of a natural.

    Making quite the masterpiece on the paper.

    And off.

    Even after a thorough washing and two showers, he still has paint stuck in his toenail beds. It’s a good reminder.

    • Andrea!!!

      So. Freakin’. Adorable. 🙂


    • Mom

      I completely love the closeup photo of his painted foot!!!!! He looks so happy. I don’t remember ever seeing a smile quite that big, especially with teeth.


    • Kelly

      I LOVE this! It makes me happy to see parents letting their kids get messy and just really enjoy the full body experience of making art. I’ll have to try this with my littles 🙂


    • MilwifeMamaofOne

      Yay for creative fun! I noticed your son is wearing the same diapers our daughter wears – if paint got on the dipes, how did you get it off?