Despite a basket filled with languishing knitting projects (a vest, a sock, a gaiter, and other things yet to be uncovered), yesterday was a day that demanded something new.

A quick dive into the yarn bin, filled with treasures from my pre-Japan days, yielded this little number.

A single skein of Malabrigo Baby Lace. 470 yards of exactly what yesterday needed.

Already cast on into a simple feather-and-fan scarf destined for someone besides me. I’m loving working on it, the simple repetition of the pattern. The fact that I can complete a few rows while Ewan luxuriates in his lunch. The fact that I finally, finally, have the energy to do something a little more than just sit on the sofa while staring at the wall. (Sadly, that has been the usual state of affairs for the past, oh, three months.) Even though I’m loving it, it just so isn’t me. But it will be somebody, I’m sure of that.

And, just a quick unrelated note, this yarn reminds me of all the reasons why I so love laceweight yarn. Among other things, it definitely satisfies my desire for thriftiness. Right up there in the palm of my hand is 470 yards. It will yield a nice, sizeable, beautiful scarf. It is hand-dyed and gorgeous. It will take me a good long while to knit up. All this for about 10 bucks. Can’t.beat.that.

Excuse me now, the babe is napping and I think I might just knit a few rows, or perhaps I’ll take a seat behind my spinning wheel. Oh, choices!