Basket Number One

My moment from last week showed my little guy, quietly and intently at work with one of his new baskets. And I promised to share more. Consider the promise fulfilled.

I’ve been doing a lot of watching lately. Observing. Seeing what makes this little one tick. Not that I haven’t been doing that all along, certainly I have, but somehow for the past few weeks I’ve been doing just a bit more. What can I say, this little one is uber-interesting.

And, as I mentioned yesterday, a few things seem to really be making him tick right now. Language, imitating and trying, picking things up around every bend. Tasks, he likes jobs, he likes to have things to do, he likes to be busy.

There entered the work baskets. (It helps that I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the Montessori method lately. While I am by no means a faithful follower, I have sort of cherry picked what I like and what works for us right now.)

On a shelf beside his table, Ewan now has three baskets, each filled with a different activity, a different task.

The first basket is pretty straightforward, a simple fine-motor task.

A jar with four small holes drilled in the top and a box filled with toothpicks. Simple and boring, though it may seem to adults, this task keeps him occupied, interested, and engaged for a surprising length of time. Even with toys, legos and instruments and puzzles, all around, he chooses the toothpicks at least several times a day.

My hope is to continue to rotate the baskets, adding in new activities as he becomes interested and moving some out as they lose favor. And, it’s my hope to share them here. Stay tuned for work basket #2.

  • bambinosteps

    Oh this post makes me so happy! What a fun, simple little activity. I am very interested in seeing basket #2 and I would really like to know what Montessori resources you have found to be helpful? Any particular blogs or books? I have set-up little books baskets around the house and we have stations such as a pot, whisk, spoon and empty spice container in one area, music in another and so on, but I really like the idea of brain-teaser type activities.


    Esther Reply:

    You got me curious too. I am very interested in this basket method. This past weekend I moved all the toys up stairs. Only had 2 things downstairs. It resulted in active play…and much longer. Instead of jumping from 1 thing to the other. Your post is from a few months ago…so what has your experience been?



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  • Sunni Bolger

    I am very interested to see the other 2 baskets. Even though he has probably outgrown them by now.