A few months ago my good friend Andrea wrote a post about wanting to dye playsilks. I’ve always been enamored by playsilks, but a little put off by the price ($12 each, really?!). So, one afternoon we got together and dyed up a few with some kool-aid.

We used the tutorial she found over at Raising Olives. The results were simple, stunning and, now, quite fun.

And now I know why I’d always been so enamored with them. They are just the best! Ewan comes up with all sorts of ways to play with them, although his favorite has to be “ghost Ewan.” He puts the silk over his head and chases us around. The silk is just transparent enough that he can avoid major obstacles and he usually ends up in fits of giggles when we find him or he finds us. I’m eager to see the many other ways that he ends up using them in the future, the possibilities are endless.

  • perches

    That’s a lovely project, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve also been intimidated by the price of dyed playsilks and wanted to try making our own. Where did you find your undyed silks?


  • Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings

    Ah, so cool! Love the patterns you came out with, those are great!

    I did this too right before Christmas with Emma (a gift for her sisters), but we did it with actual fabric dyes (I had heard mixed things about the Koolaid ones fading with time). But, it sure made it a lot more stressful for me — definitely not as kid-friendly a project, and a lot more “gear” and precautions needing to be taken.

    But, I’m so glad we did it — it was a lot of fun and really rewarding!


  • Lisa C

    I bought my son a playsilk for Christmas and he loves pretending to be a ghost, too! They are so expensive, though. I love this idea of dying your own.