Great Boxcycle Adventure #2

I usually sit the weekend out of posting, choosing instead to spend my time with my family, getting a few extra snoozes and naps, and altogether just avoiding the computer. But I couldn’t help but post up a bit of our morning.

A few weeks ago we took our box on its first real cargo outing, picking up our Christmas tree. Today was its second big test; our big grocery stock up.

Two carts and $375 worth of groceries, not to mention the kiddo.

The box handled it all in style! And even at 33 weeks pregnant (really, believe it!), I was able to ride her home without too much huffing and puffing.

Can I say, again, how much I love our new bike! Because I do. I really, totally do.

  • MamaWhimsy

    I am so impressed! I love our bike trailer, but that looks fantastic. And at 33 weeks pregnant?! You go girl.


  • notablogger

    Ah – it’s a Dutch bakfiets! It looks fantastic and fun, too.


  • Dottie

    Oh, this is awesome! I’m thoroughly impressed with both you and your trike. 🙂