Playdoh Fun

Sometimes coming up with things to do to engage the little one can be a challenge. Of course there are the old standy-bys; drawing, painting, reading books, chasing around the house. But sometimes, especially on particularly long stay-at-home days (we have more of those lately), you need something new and fresh.

Enter the blog world.

All it takes is a few minutes touring around this little virtual world that I am so happy to be a part of before I find something amazing to do when my mind just isn’t coming up with anything. And that is how, on one particularly cold and dreary morning last week, I was reminded that what we really needed around here was a little playdoh to brighten things up.

I’m a regular reader over at Sew Liberated and there was her post, on a day where we were truly lacking inspiration, about playdoh sculpting with her little guy (while you’re over there check our the studio for her two little guys. gorgeous! we are so going to have one of those canopies in our own house, and soon!). The timing was perfect and Ewan and I quickly whipped up three! batches of our own using the recipe she linked to.

Each day since the playdoh has made an appearance. Sometimes for a long sculpting session, sometimes it is short. Either way, it is nice to have one more thing in the arsenal. One more great activity to pull out when things are getting a little dull.

So, let me ask all of you, what have been some of your secret weapons this winter? What can I add to my arsenal for the next long afternoon?

  • Andrea!!!

    Ha – I made one of those canopies today and I highly recommend it, Ella had a BLAST hiding, rolling around and reading books in her new fort! Look for a post very soon…

    As for ideas, pillows can be a great source of entertainment. Also, cotton balls have been really popular around here lately, we do a lot of “cooking” (measuring, putting in, taking out, mixing, etc) with them. Another idea is pulling up a stool to the sink and having your little one help wash the dishes (or just play in the water and get very wet a-la-Ella)!!


  • Sarah

    I make my kids clean.

    We have a mad dash around the house, picking up their toys and then I let my seven year old vacuum, my five year old gets to sweep up crumbs under the table with the dustpan and broom, and the two year old uses a microfiber cloth to dust. They have fun, or at least I tell them they’re having fun, and I get to knit and supervise from the couch. When they get older I’m going to teach them how to make me tea.

    It’s been a process over the past few months where I’ll be vacuuming and look over and say, “Hey, Thomas! Wanna give it a try?” with a big smile on my face and of COURSE he wants to. Then with Anna I say, “Hey, Hon, I have a broom JUST YOUR SIZE!” They love to be helpers anyway and I get to teach them valuable life skills in the process. Yesterday Thomas learned how to fry eggs! Now I don’t have to make breakfast every day! By the time the novelty wears off he’ll be pretty competent at it.

    I am a regular Tom Sawyer.


  • notablogger

    This may be contrary to the question, but I’m finding that making sure we get outside in the morning for a walk makes a huge difference in the rest of the day. That counts even if it’s only 15 minutes. It’s something about the fresh air that makes everything else run smoother and keeps me from getting too frazzled later in the day.

    Other than that, we’ve had great success with puzzles and borrowed toys. The grandparents also gifted a Strider balance bicycle (?) – a mini bike without pedals for Christmas. It hasn’t been outside yet, so is good for going up and down the hall.


  • Madeline

    I made playdoh this morning too! But here in Australia we’re inside hiding from the heat not the cold.


    Danielle Reply:

    I envy you, and your heat. The grass is always greener, I suppose.


  • perches

    I second the earlier comment about a daily walk. So many new words and thoughts bubble up, we have the funniest ‘discussions.’ We also do a lot of play-cooking and drawing. Some quick entertainments:
    -real cookie making. I was suprised by how much he loves this. We talk/smell/taste many different ingredients and practice all kinds of new motions & cooking/baking terms. He loves the cookie shaping part, and of course, the eating of cookies 🙂
    -bubbles (we practice different themes, like body parts, actions, colors of things, etc. ‘bubbles for…arms / jumping / yellow things!’
    -Toddler’s Busy Book, Trish Kuffner. I started using it about 4 months ago, it has lots of great ideas. Our library also has several copies.


  • perches

    And I meant to say a big Thank You for those links! I’m totally inspired.


  • Kimberly

    I was also so inspired by Meg’s post. I have gotten to work creating a little suitcase of play-dough tools and just purchased a container of cream of tartar so that we can experiment this week. I love little Ewan’s mouth and furrowed brow in deep concentration.