Indoor Snow Play

What do you do when there is boat loads of snow? Sub zero temperatures? A super pregnant lady that has a hard time getting up the gusto to leave the house?

Bring the snow in!


  • Big Rubbermaid Tub
  • Large Beach Towel
  • Snow
  • Various Implements (Buckets, Shovels, Spoons, Food Coloring)


  • Bring a whole whack of snow inside.
  • Give the toddler the implements.
  • Watch what happens (and be amazed at how long a big bin of snow can keep a little one entertained).

(Please ignore my super sexy flamingo pajamas. Have I mentioned how very, very pregnant I am?!)

Oh, and they just might eat it. Clean fresh snow, no problem in my book, but if it’s been around awhile, well, you may want to discourage such behavior.

  • Samantha

    Looks like a lot of fun – great idea to bring the snow inside! I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you at the bike brunch on Sunday as it looks like you might be a little busy when the next one comes around! I’m enjoying reading your blog and rather envious of your knitting skills. Perhaps we’ll meet up at a spring brunch or event – can’t wait to check out your cargo bike and new family addition!


  • perches

    What fun! We got a teensy bit of snow last night – just enough to cover the ground, almost all melted by now. I love your idea of doing snowplay AND being able to stay in pajamas.


    Danielle Reply:

    It’s ALL about staying in pajamas these days!! 🙂


  • Kathleen

    We did the same thing! Even added a bit of red food coloring for “STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM!!!” and had our own ice cream parlor! Oh and you look great in your flamingo pj’s!


  • Kimberly

    Super, super cute idea! We FINALLY got snow today. The entire city shut down. I think it may have been an inch, and was essentially slush that melted my noon. 🙂 But we had a ton of fun playing in it while it lasted!