Two Old!

If you ask my eldest son (gosh, it feels weird to say that!!) how old he is, he will proudly respond, “two old!” It is charming and perfect and I know it won’t be long before he corrects himself, so I am soaking up this little morsel of toddler cute.

Yes! Ewan is two. My son, my self-proclaimed “big dude,” turned two years old! Two. Oh my!

His birthday was such a day. One that I know he won’t remember, but one I know I will never forget.

My water broke at 2:30am that day. And at that point I thought, for certain, that both my kids would share a birthday. I labored with Ewan for 22 hours, so it hardly seemed possible that my second labor would be longer…

As it turns out, it was. While a 38 hour labor certainly wasn’t in the plan, and it is something that I will surely write about at some point, it did allow our family of three the chance to celebrate Ewan’s two-ness in a truly special way.

The day started with gifts, a few books, a few trains and a special shirt.

There was a little bit of cleaning and preparing for our new arrival.

Cake baking and decorating.

A special lunch out.

Oh, and there were contractions that punctuated the whole day. But through it all, we were there, together. Celebrating. Celebrating our little boy. Our two-year old. Anticipating the little one inside, beginning his journey out.

It was a great day. A great day to be two. A great day all his own. Separate birthdays, it was definitely his brother’s plan.

  • Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings

    Are you kidding me? You made a super-awesome train cake and went OUT to eat, all while in labor? I am so impressed! What a sweet, memorable day, though — so glad you were all able to enjoy and savor it together.

    My girls were born 10 days apart, and it did cross my mind that they could ALL THREE have the same birthday. That would have been nuts! As it is, two of them do obviously share, and Emma is pretty close (but ahead) of them — so we have to make a point to celebrate each girl in their own way on her special day. It works out, though. And so far nobody gets too envious, since theirs either JUST happened or is coming very soon!


  • notablogger

    Fantastic, the labor birthday. One major advantage – you’ll never have to do the mental math about how far apart your kids are. How does Ewan like his Strider? We got one for Christmas. So far, it’s an indoor toy, but the day is coming….