Make It NOW

Do you ever happen upon some bit of inspiration (a recipe, pattern, project) and it bypasses all others and immediately finds itself in the I need to make this NOW category?

Two things made that list last week. Both were discovered during middle-of-the-night nursing sessions and both were made the very next day.

Let’s see if you can resist the urge to do the same. . .

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart bread which I discovered via Chez Beeper Bebe. I used some pre-made dough from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book which made it even easier. It was delicious and the recipe has already been added to my box, it will be made again. Perhaps tomorrow.

Flat front shorts using this tutorial over at Dana’s blog. With linen leftover from Xander’s sling (and enough still to make a matching pair for little brother), these are adorable. The only catch, Ewan will have to wear a disposable diaper with these, I didn’t make enough allowance for his rather robust cloth diaper rump.

And now after making this pair of shorts I am reminded how simple it is and how satisfying, it makes me want to take a no-buying-clothes-for-the-babes pledge like my friend, Andrea. Hmmm….still have to think about that.

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  • Andrea!!!

    First of all – you just have to vow not to buy new clothes for your kiddos, which I have found to be quite a doable feat! Second, that bread?! WHAT?! It’s almost Midnight and I have the urge to MAKE IT NOW (instead I will make it tomorrow…morning…)


  • perches

    Yum! Great recipe tip, thanks 🙂


  • Kevin

    Oh brother I love cinnamon! You know that earthy and edgy feel you have on your tongue? That sure is wonderful I sure couldn’t have enough and I would be glad to follow the recipe!