Do This: Bean Bag Toss

Entertaining a toddler on a stuck-inside-rainy-day can be a challenge. Stack a few of those days in a row and, well, you have to reach a little deeper to find things to do.

Enter the cardboard box.

If you are feeling particularly lazy (or busy) all you really have to do is give the box to the little one. They will figure something out. Cardboard boxes are amazing that way. Magic, almost.

But, if you have a moment and an exacto knife, you can take the old-fashioned cardboard box up a notch to make a simple bean bag toss game. Like so:


  • Cardboard Box
  • Exacto Knife
  • Marker
  • Yard Stick
  • Bean Bags


  • Take your cardboard box and lay it on its’ side.

  • Using a yard stick and your marker, draw a line from corner to corner on one side of the cardboard box.

  • Do the same on the opposite side of the box. Make sure the lines start and end in the same corners.

  • Use your exacto knife to cut along the line on both sides of the box. Careful here.

  • Now the box will open, like this:

  • See where I drew the line in this picture? That’s where you’ll cut with your exacto knife again.

  • Now you should have a ramp shaped box.

  • Draw the shape(s) that you want your holes to be for the bean bag toss.

  • Cut them out with your exacto knife again. (LOVE!! the exacto knife!)

  • Pull out your bean bags or pom poms or other small throwing toys and give it a go.

Given that our bean bag toss (“throwing toy” as Ewan calls it) is most definitely face-shaped, I’ve been wanting to decorate it. Maybe on the next rainy day that’s what we’ll do…