Do This: Shaving Cream Exploration

This idea is certainly nothing new but it is one that I had sort of forgotten about. And now that it has been remembered, well, it is sure to be in heavy rotation. And why not? Shaving cream is cheap and it can easily provide an hour or so worth of exploration for Ewan. Try it out. I guarantee your toddler will be similarly entertained.


  • Shaving Cream
  • Surface for Playing On
  • Garbage Bag
  • Plastic Washable Toys
  • Tape


  • First I cut down the side and bottom of a large trash bag to make a large rectangle sheet of plastic. I used the sheet to cover the table we planned on using and affixed it with masking tape.
  • Next I put a variety of small plastic toys onto the table (legos, small dinosaurs, maracas, bouncy balls).
  • Then, I covered the pile of toys with an ample amount of shaving cream.

The little ones loved running their fingers through the cream, drawing with it, digging out the small toys, trying to guess what each was.

There are endless modifications to this activity, we’ve come up with a few that I’ll be sharing soon, but, really, there is no need to make it any more complicated. Plain old shaving cream has a lot of fun-value all on its’ own.

Just to note, I did this one with our weekly toddler playgroup and, as it turns out, it wasn’t nearly as scary having 4 toddlers play with shaving cream in my dining room as I thought it would be.

  • Michelle

    I love this idea. It would be great for a play co-op that I’m part of! I’m wondering if the shaving cream stained at all? I’d just like to be able to warn other parents so they can dress their kids accordingly…


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  • sciencefun

    Shaving cream doesn’t stain clothes, it can actually be used as a stain remover. I’ve used it loads of times at a family day care and haven’t had any problems.