Skirt Two

Operation wardrobe refashion is underway. After two pregnancies and not a whole lot of shopping since, I was feeling a little frumpy. And fat.

Now, I know I’m not fat, though my belly still shows signs of the two glorious lives that inhabited it. It’s just that my clothes weren’t (aren’t) doing me any favors either.

New skirts were in order. And with the mini skirt and maxi dress craze that seems to have hit all the major retailers, the humble a-line (my favorite style) has been a bit tough to find.

With fabric and sewing machine in hand, I fashioned my SECOND skirt!!

Same pattern as the first one. Outer fabric is a thick, unbleached muslin.

Embroidery and applique by me, totally off the cuff. Bonus: If the skirt gets a stain, as it likely will, I can always just add another flower!!

With two new cute, well-fitting skirts hanging in the closet (and a few more in the dreaming/planning stages), it seemed fitting to pick up a few shirts that actually fit too. A small shopping spree was had this past weekend and now I’m ready for phase three.

Digging through my drawers and closets. Repurposing (yay, pajama shorts for the kiddos!!) and donating everything that doesn’t make me feel fabulous. Because even with these two little ones around, I deserve to feel fabulous. I’d rather have four or five outfits that are amazing (though practical for this mama of two) than a whole wardrobe chock full of stretched-out, ill-fitting, faded junk.

I’ll keep you posted.

  • smallfriendly

    I love the details – so cute! I feel you on needing new clothes to help feel good post-prego. I put it off for way too long. I think an a-line skirt is in my future!


  • Claudine

    I. Am. In. Love. That skirt is simply adorable! You are so right that you deserve to feel fabulous — and in that skirt, how could you not?!

    I will be anxious to see the finished outfit!

    And I totally get where you are coming from with the whole wardrobe issue, I’ve been fluctuating between maternity clothes, large-regular-clothes-you-can-wear-early-pregnancy-and-post-baby, and regular clothes for so long that I don’t have any real wardrobe that fits me left!


  • Notablogger

    Great skirt! I, too, am looking forward to rebuilding a wardrobe after what feels like half a lifetime of pregnancy/post-pregnancy/repeat clothes. Add two intercontinental moves and I’ve done a good job of getting down to basics.

    The “I can cover the stains with more flowers” bit is perfect. That’s thinking ahead!


  • Michelle

    Totally cute! I’ve been doing some wardrobe rebuilding myself, chopping up old shirts and tracing them to make patterns. I love your applique flowers!