The Color Red!!

Ewan has been all about colors and sorting these days. So I thought it could be a fun day to have ourselves a little hunt and find.

Today we focused on the color red.

I gave him a little bucket with a “red” sign taped to the side and sent him out to find all the red things he could.

A few of his train cars are red too!

And it wasn’t long before his bucket was full and he asked for a larger one.

It was such fun seeing what he found and how amazed he was each time he located another red item.

He spent a good 30 minutes doing this, finding all that he could. And then, at the end, he became more discriminating. Discerning the different shades of red and deciding that some items that he thought were red, initially, weren’t when compared to other items.

Fascinating and fun. Something we’ll definitely repeat, perhaps with the color blue.

  • ceecee1300

    This is such a great idea! We definitely have to try this.