Getting Out and Staying In

These past few weeks there has been a whole lot of staying in. We had a flu bug that took us all down one at a time. Then winter came. And as usual there are the logistics of getting two littles out the door between naps.

Often I find myself apologizing for staying in, especially when I’m around others.

But really, we often prefer to be home.

We read.

We play.

We bake.

We do puppet shows.

We make.

Truth is, we like it here and we have no shortage of things to do to keep us all happily occupied.

But sometimes you just have to get out.

After three straight at-home days we were ready for adventure. A train ride downtown fit the bill.


Riding the el packs a lot of punch. A good half hour or so of entertainment can be had for a mere $2.25.

Especially if you get the front window seat. Then you can eek out almost an hour. Or at least we can.

  • Sarah

    That is a really cute hat! Where did you find the pattern?

    Also, we are big homebodies, too. Especially when the temps drop into the single digits. Where else would we want to be except snuggled in blankets or building forts in our own home?


  • Anonymous

    Our house is tiny so outside time really helps the day go more smoothly but we rarely go more than one block away. “Outings” can be a bit much. I have to take Jude to work with me twice a week and to my mom’s another day so an at home day is a real treat for us. It looks like you’ve found a great balance, I want to ride the el!