People Make Amazing Things

The more and more I get into this craft community (and, believe me, I am just getting started), the more and more I am witnessing what amazing things people are capable of creating.

With two hands.

Some time.

And a handful of supplies.

At last weekend’s Urban Folk Circuit I was totally blown away by a few of my neighbors.

Seriously amazing terrariums by Alapash Terrariums. The only reason one didn’t follow me home is because of the two little people that currently live with me. Beautiful, breakable terrarium and babies just don’t seem to mix.

And then there was this extraordinary alphabet book by Amelia Kieras.

This one will be ours at some point because I can’ I can’t.

And then this jewelry by Muggy Tuesday. Crocheted. Seriously.

And if it wasn’t enough to be so inspired (er, tempted) while at shows, I am tempted everyday in my virtual space as well.

How cool is that Chicago print by albiedesigns?!

And this apron, by Spool + Sparrow,

In love.

And the thing is, I could go on and on (and on and on and on). People make amazing things. It’s awesome.