Non-Shop Making

I’ll be honest, most of my stolen moments are filled with making for the shop. Sketching, carving, dyeing, printing.

Today, for example, I sketched two new designs for custom orders. I dyed a batch of my delicious marigold. I did a whole whack of shop maintenance while tending the dye bath. I packaged a few orders and walked them to the post office.

It is good. It is really really good. And I am feeling so very inspired and excited. And I definitely have a creative outlet.

But sometimes it is so good to return to something old. Something familiar. Something non-shop.

Oh, spinning wheel. It has been too long.

This lovely bit of fiber was a gift from my aunts. Three different colors of natural, undyed, sheepy goodness. And how lovely they look all plyed together.

I have no idea what it wants to be when it grows up. For now, I am content with it sitting on my work table. Reminding me to take a break, now and then, and create for me. Create for us.

Oh, and with this fiber all spun up I’ve found myself in a situation I haven’t been in for years. I have NO fiber in my stash. None. Zero. Must be remedied.


So Simple

Sometimes I take for granted how independent Ewan is. How content he is to play, on his own. Most days he’s happy to be by my side, doing his own thing while I do mine. We interact and intersect in the pauses in all our doing – for a story, some cuddles, a snack. It’s nice, really.

Yesterday was not one of those days. Ewan did not want to play. He wanted to be entertained. And I was at a bit of a loss.

So, I turned to Pinterest. Specifically my “with the kiddos” board. (oh, and if you want to follow me over there, there is a neat little button in my sidebar. see it?)

Five minutes later we had a jug filled with cut up pipe cleaners and a few magnets.

Ewan was thrilled.

And so was I.

Happy kiddo. Happy mama.

What have you done with the kiddos lately for fun? Any other tricks I should have up my sleeve?


Creativity, Imagination and Kids

I’m going to make a bold statement here. I think all people are creative.

There, I said it. Before you disagree, let’s talk this one through.

If we can’t necessarily agree about all adults being creative, perhaps we can start with the children. All children are creative, right?

From my current sample size of two and my years as a teacher I would say that yes. All children start out with a creative spirit.

Never have I noticed or tuned in as much as I have with my own small people though. I mean, seriously, Ewan’s creativity as a boy nearing age three, amazes me. He sets up the most elaborate playscapes and scenarios. Some based in reality, others purely imaginary. It’s extraordinary, really.

I mean, check this out:

Here we have a auto garage, mechanic, and a car (with a flat tire) up on blocks. And Ewan played with it for hours. Chatting, having conversations. It’s amazing, really, the amount of focus he can have.

So, if that’s where we start, it’s hard to imagine that that creativity just disappears. That creative kids turn into un-creative adults. Rather, I think that creativity continues to exist in each of us, but in some it just sits dormant, waiting for the opportunity to reemerge.

Right now, I am enjoying the re-emergence. The ideas. I feel like I am three. My mind bursting.

I think I am experiencing this burst in creativity, in part, because I am with these little ones full-time. When I am constantly surrounded by their joy and passion and imagination it it hard to not be inspired.

I also have the time, space, encouragement and support to not only have grand ideas but also act on them. Some may scoff. Time?! How?! Mama of two little ones?

Some days I’m not always sure that I do have the time. Some days it is hairy. But I do make making a priority. Creating comes a close second on the list, right after feeding my family.

And I think that’s just about right. I want to show these little ones that creativity needn’t go dormant as the responsibilities of adult life settle in. I want them to see me be passionate and excited, just like them.

How about you? Do you make creativity a priority? Do you think all adults are creative?


People Make Amazing Things

The more and more I get into this craft community (and, believe me, I am just getting started), the more and more I am witnessing what amazing things people are capable of creating.

With two hands.

Some time.

And a handful of supplies.

At last weekend’s Urban Folk Circuit I was totally blown away by a few of my neighbors.

Seriously amazing terrariums by Alapash Terrariums. The only reason one didn’t follow me home is because of the two little people that currently live with me. Beautiful, breakable terrarium and babies just don’t seem to mix.

And then there was this extraordinary alphabet book by Amelia Kieras.

This one will be ours at some point because I can’ I can’t.

And then this jewelry by Muggy Tuesday. Crocheted. Seriously.

And if it wasn’t enough to be so inspired (er, tempted) while at shows, I am tempted everyday in my virtual space as well.

How cool is that Chicago print by albiedesigns?!

And this apron, by Spool + Sparrow,

In love.

And the thing is, I could go on and on (and on and on and on). People make amazing things. It’s awesome.


The Shop in the New Year

So, it’s a new year.

How’d that happen?!

I mean, really, wasn’t it just days ago that I was here, in this space singing the praises of egg nog.

Oh, that was two weeks ago. Wow. Sorry about that.

Anyways, the New Year.



Full of hope.



And, boy oh boy, do I have dreams. Big ones. Giant huge ones. For the shop. For this blog. For me. So, let’s start with the shop (we’ll talk about the blog and me tomorrow).

What began last year as a whim, a single listing on esty. Dipping my toes into the water.

Has, in just a matter of months, become so much more.

More designs.




And, I’m hoping that this year, will be more¬†of the same.

More designs.

More sizes (adult shirts coming soon!!!).

More art prints.

More shows. (three already on the calendar!!!).

More doing what I love.

More doing what I can to help my little family continue to live the life we’ve chosen.

I hope you’ll be here. I hope you’ll be with me in this New Year watching, commenting, and sharing.

It’s going to be an amazing year. I can feel it.