Little Surprises

I have commented, again and again, about how I love this slow life we live. How I enjoy the slow pace of our bike rides. How I adore the slow pace of our walks. How all this slow helps us to stop and notice the things around us. The subtle shifts.

How I love when on an entirely ordinary walk to an entirely ordinary park, one that we visit almost daily, we happen upon something new to us.

A little labyrinth nestled into an otherwise unused section of our little park. With a simple message. Enjoy.

And boy did we. We walked it. To the center and back out. Again and again and again.

People passed by, busier than ever, with their headphones and their smartphones and their zooming engines. And not a single person stopped to join us. Not a single person even seemed to take notice of the special something nestled in the corner of that park.

So, readers, my challenge to us is this. Slow down. Stop. Notice. You’ll be surprised at what you find, I guarantee it.


Grown Up

He sleeps in a bunk bed. The top bunk.

And he says things like, “I can handle it,” as he pours his own milk into his cereal bowl.

And he rarely needs kisses when he’s gotten a bonk.

And he dresses himself.

It’s getting harder and harder to find my baby in there.




940 Weekends

Just the other day, I read this little piece in the NYT parenting blog, Motherlode. One quote, right at the beginning of the article hit me, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it:

Between the day your child is born, and the time he or she turns 18, you get 940 Saturdays — and 260 of them, Dr. Rotbart just reminded me, are gone by her fifth birthday.

And it wasn’t the first time I had heard a similar sentiment. Actually it was Aaron’s attorney, as he was watching our little ones and reflecting on his own journey of parenthood said, “You’ve only got 18 years with them. Enjoy it.”


And you know, sometimes it is hard to see the only in all of this. Sometimes the only is obscured by the diaper changes, the whining, the meals, the snacks, the hugs, the bumps, the bruises, the doctor visits, the ear infections, the fevers, the baths.

But, sometimes the only is crystal clear. This weekend was one of those times and I feel like we really lived it up. We spent this weekend fully present together and we played the heck out of it.

Because, you know, we only have 940 weekends total and now there is one less.