Back on the Horse

or, well, the bike.

We tried a few times before. The last time was more than a month ago. And, well, it just wasn’t right and we didn’t make it out of the alleyway.

I was worried about so many things. Xander’s wee little wobbly head. Drivers. So, we waited.

Then, last week, I saw this picture over at Bike Fancy. (Remember when I was over on Bike Fancy. So.very.pregnant.)

Anyways….I saw that picture. That happy little babe and I was inspired. Inspired to give it another shot.

Xander’s five months now and he is so very different from the last time we rode. His head is super stable. He is sturdy. Almost ready to sit. And he is happy to play with toys.

We started out slowly. Just the two of us. On sidewalks around the neighborhood. We hadn’t been gone more than five minutes when he was fast asleep. So we stopped back by the house and picked up big brother for a joy ride.

Xander slept for most of it. Ewan was giddy over the fact that Xander was in Roxy the Boxy. And I’m pretty sure that I grinned ear-to-ear the whole time. I’m so thrilled to be returning to cycling now that we are all finally ready for it. It was quite a drought.

For me, cycling is freedom. Without a car (a lifestyle we’ve happily chosen), cycling gives us the freedom to move about how, when, and where we please. We aren’t hindered by bus schedules or train delays. We are only limited by my legs. My power. And the cooperation of two little ones.

Choosing when or how to cycle with kids is tricky. We are choosing to start now because it feels right for all of us. And we are doing our best to minimize the risk (risk cannot be eliminated) by riding our amazing Boxcycle (three wheels feel the most stable to me), using an appropriate helmet for Ewan, having Xander secured in a car seat which is secured to the floor, and choosing slow/quiet routes.

We’ve since gone on one more, equally successful, ride. And I think it is official. We’re back!!

I’m so glad to be back on the trike and I’m glad to have Xander with us. Welcome to the world of three wheels, buddy. You’re in for a good time!

(Seems like I’m not the only with biking with kids on the brain. Simply Bike has a guest column going each Tuesday on the topic with a particularly timely article this week. Check it out if you’re thinking about giving it a go yourself.)




Roxy Got a Face(lift)

I haven’t written much lately about our bike. Truth is I haven’t been riding much yet. As it turns out, it was much easier to bike when the baby was in than now that he’s out.

We’ve tried a few times but Xander just isn’t a fan. Yet. Honestly, his mama gets a little freaked too. It’s the head bobble-ish that bothers me. I know he’s safe, he rides in his car seat, but it’ll be better when he’s just a bit bigger. (“Bigger bigger Xander ride it,” as Ewan would say.) It’s just a matter of time.

But not to worry. We still love Roxy and she still gets plenty of attention. Including a recent face(lift).

As it turns out when you’re riding in a boxcycle with a big stupid grin on the front, you can’t help but grin yourself.

Probably helped that Aaron and I were out on our first post-babe date!


Sketching and Carving

In the past, most of my making has been fairly fiber-focused. Knitting. Spinning. Sewing. It’s always where I’ve really found myself. I love the feeling of fiber running through my fingers. Yarn in my hands. Needles clicking away. I’ve always liked the portability, knitting can go anywhere and if it is the right project can be done in the dark or while talking with friends.

Lately, however, I’ve found myself spending a lot more time with a pencil and eraser, a new sketchbook, and some linoleum blocks. So far, I really like what I’ve been seeing. I really like how things have been turning out.

That is, until I made the actual print and realized that a grand mistake had been made.

Yes, my friends. It says “My Ribe.” Take a moment and laugh. I didn’t, but I’ll certainly understand if you want to.

Better? Ok.

Next time before I cut, I guess I’ll double-check the image in a mirror. For now, I have plans to salvage that block and begin again on another. I also have a lot of other images floating around in the sketchbook waiting to be carved and a whole bunch of ideas of things to do with all these blocks. Good things that shall be revealed in time.

For now, as I’m sure you’ve all guessed, I am still pregnant. Still whiling away the time as we wait for this little one. Still living life. Still riding “my ribe.”

Here’s a picture of me, today. Out enjoying the beautiful sunshine and a ride on my lovely trike. Can’t say enough good things about that boxcycle!


This Moment

Inspired by Amanda over at Soulemama, I’ve chosen to spend Fridays taking the chance to record a single moment from the everyday around here. One moment that I just don’t want to forget.

Last weekend, after some serious snow removal effort from my husband, the boxcycle was freed and I was able to get out for a ride.

And where did I get to go, in the post-blizzard wonderland?

Well, Roxy (the Boxy) and I went to the Women Who Bike Brunch, coordinated by Dottie of Let’s Go Ride a Bike.

It was a great morning filled with delicious treats (Ann Sather’s Cinnamon Rolls) and amazing conversation with amazing women. I had the chance to talk to a woman that homebirthed with the same midwife I have, a woman that carts her kids in cargobikes, another that has a super cute blog, one lady that makes adorable bike bags, and one that even wanted to take my picture, among others, of course.

Photo courtesy of Martha/

A great day filled with great moments. Can’t wait for the next brunch, well, the next one that I can go to.