We’re Back

Almost ten days since the dark looming cloud of illness (croup and ear infections) dipped down over our home, it has begun to lift.

Smiles are returning.

The life is coming back to both of my boys.

I missed it. Oh, I missed it. And it is so good to see.

Tonight there were bubbles!!

And the Vengaboys on Pandora.

Ah, yes, we’re back.


Croup. Stupid, Stupid Croup.

Forgive the lack of photos today. Computers, in addition to croup, are also stupid. But anyways…

This weekend marked the umpteenth time that Ewan got croup. We should know the drill by now. He has had it, oh, a million times already. But it never fails to catch us off guard. Which I guess makes sense. After all, like all previous bouts of croup, we put a perfectly normal, happy, healthy boy to bed, only to wake up a few hours later.

Cough. Bark. Wheeze.

We know the routine well enough that it doesn’t take long before we spring into action.

One of us heads into Ewan, as quickly as we can to keep him from getting too worked up. Worked up happens, he can’t breathe so well after all.

The other heads to the bathroom, starting the shower running as hot as it’ll possibly go. And dials the pediatrician.

I’m not even quite sure why we bother to call. With Ewan’s croup, and the fact that he always gets the associated stridor (a wheezy noise that indicates his airway isn’t fully open), the answer has always been the same.

Go to the ER.

Again, we know the routine.

One of us stays with Ewan.

The other runs around like crazy, calling a taxi and packing a bag.

Then, when the taxi comes, we all head out and ride to the ER to get the same answers we always get. He has croup. He needs the steroid. It could be worse tomorrow night.

But this time was different. This time there was another little babe sleeping in the other room. Another little babe that shouldn’t be roused, unnecessarily, from peaceful slumber (he rouses himself – and me – from peaceful slumber enough as it is).

The decision of who would stay and who would go was simple. I, being the sole provider of nourishment since the little babe decided he would not drink from a bottle thank-you-very-much, would stay.

So, I packed up two of my boys and off they went. I stayed and it was one of the harder things I’ve had to do since the three of us became four.

It was hard letting him go. Not being the one to be there. To hold him. To reassure him.

It was hard not being able to be his person.

It was hard having to divide and conquer.

It was hard having to choose.

As I sat in my house watching the taxi drive away with tears welling in my eyes (okay, okay, streaming down my cheeks), I was sad, obviously. But I was also so very thankful that Aaron is as good of a Papa as he is. I was glad that I could be 100% confident that Ewan would be ok. That Aaron would do all of those things as well as I could, maybe better. It was reassuring to be sad not because my little boy would suffer in my absence but simply because I didn’t want to be absent.

And so it goes.

This parenting stuff, it ain’t easy, I tell you.


Thursday. My Favorite Summer Day.

Wednesday is truly our mountain to climb. The boys and I have two day-time commitments (too much for this mama) and Papa has grad school in the evening. It is a long day for us all from beginning to end.

So come Thursday, we breathe. We relax. We have fun. Forget Friday. Thursday is the day; my favorite day of the week. And a summertime Thursday is even more special. We pack up the bike and head out. The call of the Farmer’s Market and the Summer Concert Series too loud to ignore. Once there,

we sit.

we eat. (a pint of blueberries can be considered dinner, right?)

we make funny faces.

we listen to live music. (This week was The Flat Cats – super fun!)

we dance.

You can feel the weight of the week just lift off our shoulders as we all relax and reconnect. More than any other summer ritual, this is the one I will miss most once the weather turns.


This Moment

Inspired by Amanda over at Soulemama, I’ve chosen to spend Fridays taking the chance to record a single moment from the everyday around here. One moment that I just don’t want to forget.

On the weekends we’ve been making special efforts to have some fun family adventures. The weeks have been a little tough around here (part of the reason for the silence this week). Balancing two kiddos. A husband in grad school. A handmade business that I’m trying to get off the ground. The best way for us to really enjoy each others company is to get.out.of.the.house. So we do.

Last weekend we visited a Chicago landmark, the Crown Fountain.

The whole time I watched Ewan play I was reminded of our visits last year. And how big he has gotten.

And now I’m going to get all weepy. Great.

Happy Friday, my friends. I hope to be back with some shop news and an uber-delicious recipe to share next week.


This Moment

Inspired by Amanda over at Soulemama, I’ve chosen to spend Fridays taking the chance to record a single moment from the everyday around here. One moment that I just don’t want to forget.

Xander’s first time sitting with us at the table. In his own chair. Can you tell someone is a little excited about this whole situation?!