People Make Amazing Things

The more and more I get into this craft community (and, believe me, I am just getting started), the more and more I am witnessing what amazing things people are capable of creating.

With two hands.

Some time.

And a handful of supplies.

At last weekend’s Urban Folk Circuit I was totally blown away by a few of my neighbors.

Seriously amazing terrariums by Alapash Terrariums. The only reason one didn’t follow me home is because of the two little people that currently live with me. Beautiful, breakable terrarium and babies just don’t seem to mix.

And then there was this extraordinary alphabet book by Amelia Kieras.

This one will be ours at some point because I can’ I can’t.

And then this jewelry by Muggy Tuesday. Crocheted. Seriously.

And if it wasn’t enough to be so inspired (er, tempted) while at shows, I am tempted everyday in my virtual space as well.

How cool is that Chicago print by albiedesigns?!

And this apron, by Spool + Sparrow,

In love.

And the thing is, I could go on and on (and on and on and on). People make amazing things. It’s awesome.


Want to Make

Call it nesting, call it what you will, whatever it is I have been bitten. Hard.

This house has been filled with making. Too many things to list, too many things to mention, too many things happening all at once. Block printing, sling sewing, t-shirt printing, mural creating, knitting. It’s all been happening so fast, so furiously, it’s hard to believe that I am 39 weeks pregnant, chasing a toddler, and scrubbing floors.

The trouble with all the making isn’t the vast quantities of half-finished items floating around the house. The trouble is the many more on my mind, just waiting for the time, space, tools or equipment to get started.

Photo courtesy of Dana Willard.

These amazing baby gowns. I wish I had the book and pattern right now! I swear I could make at least one or two before naptime is over.

Incredible flower building toy from Made by Joel. It is only one of many super cute things he’s got going on.

Sock puppets?! Yes, please! If only I had socks as cute and stripey as those (that I was willing to sacrifice to puppet-dom).

I totally think we need one of these. Seriously. How cute would a two-year-old with a little stick horse be?!

I can think of a million different words and different places where these wire words would be perfect in our house!

And something like this would be awesome in our currently-in-progress kids’ room.

See what I’m saying?! Look at all the amazing things that can be found on the internet. And that’s just scratching the surface. Seriously, if I weren’t so busy at my own sewing table these days the list would be even longer!


Around and About

While I haven’t had much time to do inspiring or creative things around here, I have had some time to find creative things that I want to do, there are so many inspiring people and places around and about.

I’m hoping that once time allows (after the move and more of this pregnancy fatigue starts to lift), finding will change to doing and we’ll all be so.very.happy.

Love these little bitty sketchbooks featured over at Ohdedooh. Might mean I never have to buy a Moleskine again.

And these snack sacks by Reprodepot, well, they’d be perfect for my little toddler (or the pregnant lady that constantly has a case of the munchies).

And I can’t get over how sweet this Butterfly Shadowbox is from Clean. Seriously amazing idea.

Maybe I’m feeling the need for a place to put all of my lists, but I also love this notebook, made from recycled papers and such, over at genuine mudpie.

And these fabric envelopes, made by In Color Order, would just be so much fun to make and have around. I still have dreams of going back to our cash lifestyle from Japan, these could be perfect budgeting envelopes!

So, those are some of the things I’m itching to make, how about you? What inspiration have you found lately?


The Creative Family

Long before I got pregnant, long before we even started thinking about it, actually, I discovered the blogger, SouleMama, through a link on another site.

It didn’t take long, even though I wasn’t yet a parent myself, to be inspired. Her photography, her positive take on life, her creativity by herself and with her children, it’s all good. When she first mentioned her book project, I was excited knowing that it was something I would want to get my hands on someday. Then, once the book finally was finished, I just couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it.

After all, it was summer of 2007 and Aaron and I had just moved to Japan. We were, it seemed, ages away from having our own creative family. And buying the book seemed, well, a little premature. So, I didn’t buy it, but it never left my mind.

Once our little guy got here I knew it was my chance. Finally, I had a reason, albeit a very small one, to buy the book. Sure, it will be a while before we can actually start doing many of the things in it, but just having it and reading it makes me feel ready, excited, and, most importantly, inspired.

Creative Family Cover

Once my copy arrived, I set aside everything else that I was reading at the moment and read it cover-to-cover in a matter of days. It is chock full of great creative ideas, I especially love the idea of the Family Draw and Art Wire for making children’s, and adults for that matter, art an important part of family life and home.

While not everything in the book made my list of things that I LOVE, a lot of it did. While I won’t be able to implement many of these ideas for quite some time, I feel like I learned a lot from the book and, already, it is impacting the way I am thinking of myself and the way I think about what I want our family life to look like. (And it has heavily influenced a project that I am in the process of working out.) Certainly many of the ideas will influence the way we set up our new home in the States and the choices we make about what we choose to surround ourselves with.

Overally, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read the next one, although I will be waiting until I get stateside to pick that one up. Already I’m not sure that we can fit everything that we have here in our limited suitcase space and another book certainly wouldn’t help.