Non-Shop Making

I’ll be honest, most of my stolen moments are filled with making for the shop. Sketching, carving, dyeing, printing.

Today, for example, I sketched two new designs for custom orders. I dyed a batch of my delicious marigold. I did a whole whack of shop maintenance while tending the dye bath. I packaged a few orders and walked them to the post office.

It is good. It is really really good. And I am feeling so very inspired and excited. And I definitely have a creative outlet.

But sometimes it is so good to return to something old. Something familiar. Something non-shop.

Oh, spinning wheel. It has been too long.

This lovely bit of fiber was a gift from my aunts. Three different colors of natural, undyed, sheepy goodness. And how lovely they look all plyed together.

I have no idea what it wants to be when it grows up. For now, I am content with it sitting on my work table. Reminding me to take a break, now and then, and create for me. Create for us.

Oh, and with this fiber all spun up I’ve found myself in a situation I haven’t been in for years. I have NO fiber in my stash. None. Zero. Must be remedied.


Sipping and Stitching

Last week was filled with production crafting. For my first show which was, sadly, a bust. I’ll tell more tomorrow.

This week is filled with just-because crafting. Which means I’ve returned to old faithful, the yarn and needles that have waited patiently for me (and Fall or at least Fall-like weather) to return.

The project is the Hemlock Ring Blanket. A project and pattern that I’ve long had my eyes on but am unsure whether a blanket-sized giant lace doily will really fit into our home.

Right now, I don’t care.

I am relishing in the long rows of knit stitch punctuated by an easy lace pattern every fifth row. I am enjoying having yarn running through my fingers as my boys play beside me. I am looking forward to the day, sometime this winter, when we are snuggled under this little throw watching snow fall outside the window.

Ah, yes.

And in addition to the knitting being my near-constant companion, so has the cup of coffee. For some reason there has been tragically little sleep around here. And, on that note, I ought to listen to the siren call of my pillow.


Knitting (for Me)

I’m a knitter. Sure, I’ve been a little less prolific the past year or two, but I still always have something on the go. But I don’t think I’ve knit myself anything for, well, over a year. Probably closer to two.

That’s outrageous!

That’s unacceptable!

That’s being fixed!

Introducing a handspun Shalom all for me!

I’m hoping to be able to finish it before the end of this pregnancy because it would be the perfect pregnancy sweater. Bulky wool but without sleeves would keep my prone-to-overheating pregnant self from doing just that. It being a cardigan means that it could, easily, accommodate my rather robust midsection. But, if it doesn’t happen, well, it will be the perfect piece of transitional warm on cool spring days and I’m sure I’ll be just tickled to pull it out again in the fall.

For now, I’m just enjoying working on it during mealtimes with Ewan. As he’s started to talk, mealtimes have started to approach epic-lengths. Today’s lunch, for example, took about 45 minutes for him to finish a small bowl of noodles and a quarter of an apple. He’s just too busy talking, chatting, telling me all the wonderful things going through his head. “Mama, noodle, mmmmmm.” “Napkin lap.” “Mama big water. Ewie small water.” And, that’s ok, because I’m knitting. I’m knitting a sweater for me! Take all the time you need, little man.


Summer Chills Hat

You’ve seen this adorable face before. Last time, we were focused on the sweater. This time, I’d like you to look a little closer and check out that hat. If you can look away from those sweet, captivating eyes, that is.

Some of you have asked, and I am finally ready to give you the pattern for a matching hat to go with the sweet little summer cardi that was featured over at Rhythm of the Home.

Go, download the pattern and get knitting.

While I can guarantee that it will be a fun knit and it will look fabulous on just about any baby girl, I can’t necessarily guarantee that it will look quite as adorable as it does on this little one.

Seriously. I.can’t.get.enough.of.those.cheeks.

Download the .pdf here. Or check it out over on Ravelry.


Wavy Rib Baby Hat

A few weeks ago I shared my first knitting pattern here. My first knitting pattern. And now, can you believe it, I’ve got another to share.

It took me years (almost 10) to get my first pattern done and the second came in, well, less than a month.

How’s that for creative juices?!

You’ve seen a few pictures of this hat on the blog already. And the one I test knit is over in the shop.

But now, if you’re so inclined, you can whip up one of your own, in whatever special yarn you have waiting for a special little babe.

The .pdf is here. And you can read more about it over on Ravelry.

Check it out and let me know what you think!