Little Surprises

I have commented, again and again, about how I love this slow life we live. How I enjoy the slow pace of our bike rides. How I adore the slow pace of our walks. How all this slow helps us to stop and notice the things around us. The subtle shifts.

How I love when on an entirely ordinary walk to an entirely ordinary park, one that we visit almost daily, we happen upon something new to us.

A little labyrinth nestled into an otherwise unused section of our little park. With a simple message. Enjoy.

And boy did we. We walked it. To the center and back out. Again and again and again.

People passed by, busier than ever, with their headphones and their smartphones and their zooming engines. And not a single person stopped to join us. Not a single person even seemed to take notice of the special something nestled in the corner of that park.

So, readers, my challenge to us is this. Slow down. Stop. Notice. You’ll be surprised at what you find, I guarantee it.


Back to Lollipops

First of all, thank you. Thank you for your words. Your advice. Your encouragement. But, most of all, thank you for being here. For reading. For responding. It means a lot.

Now, as promised, let’s go back to the lollipops and rainbows. Which seems appropriate because today was, truly, a lollipops and rainbows sort of day.

halloween felt board fun. i am in LOVE with his Ewan’s jack-o-lanterns.
new books. his first one with chapters.
knitting strewn about the house. this whole family needs new slippers.
xander, my gregarious confident little guy.
a new “dry-erase” board.
birks in october.
our new wedding rings, an eighth anniversary present to ourselves. (made by stout woodworks)
the way some trees just drop leaves faster than others. like they are in a rush for winter.


A Good Saturday

Sometimes, even though the fog of sleep deprivation is thick, you just have to get out. Break the rhythm. Break the routine. Get some fresh air. And have a little fun.

The sunny skies of the first day of October, coupled with anĀ Open Streets event, provided the pull we all needed to break out of our home and enjoy the day.

Slow strolls. Train rides. Sandboxes. Giant building blocks. Running around. Lunches out. Dunk tanks. Sidewalk chalk. Music. Dancing. And the Puppet Bike (my personal favorite).
Yes, it was a good Saturday. When can we do it again?

Testing Testing

You all still here? Oh, good. Thanks for hanging around.

The past few weeks, while on my little break, we’ve been good. Busy. Full.

If I truly told you the story of all that has happened the past couple weeks, not only would we be here awhile, but I’d probably end up sobbing before I clicked “publish.” You see, it has been a really tough couple of weeks. But, as it turns out, the tough stuff isn’t the stuff I generally take pictures of. And today I just want to share a few pictures of what we’ve been up to and what I hope to share more of in the coming days.

Another Kidical Mass ride.

And a state fair visit.

Some messy art making.

Time on the beach.

And blueberry picking. (18 pounds!!)

Playing with friends.

Bike riding. (While sporting a new design!!)

And my first show.


Finding feet.
Printing. Printing. and more Printing.
Looks like I’ve got a lot to share. What about you? How’ve you been? What have you been up to?

Thursday. My Favorite Summer Day.

Wednesday is truly our mountain to climb. The boys and I have two day-time commitments (too much for this mama) and Papa has grad school in the evening. It is a long day for us all from beginning to end.

So come Thursday, we breathe. We relax. We have fun. Forget Friday. Thursday is the day; my favorite day of the week. And a summertime Thursday is even more special. We pack up the bike and head out. The call of the Farmer’s Market and the Summer Concert Series too loud to ignore. Once there,

we sit.

we eat. (a pint of blueberries can be considered dinner, right?)

we make funny faces.

we listen to live music. (This week was The Flat Cats – super fun!)

we dance.

You can feel the weight of the week just lift off our shoulders as we all relax and reconnect. More than any other summer ritual, this is the one I will miss most once the weather turns.