Keeping things Fun!

So, it was just about a year ago now that I listed my first item over on Etsy.

From there the whole operation sort of snowballed.

I came up with more designs.

Then I decided I wanted colored shirts. Dye them myself, oh yes!

And more designs.

And in-person shows.

And, now, I’ve got a pretty good set. I’ve got designs I’m happy with (though always brainstorming new ones), I’ve got colors I’m happy with (both dye and ink). I’ve got a pretty cohesive look.

But, well, I’m a little bored. (crazy, right?!)

It’s all become a little more production-y than I would like.

I dye the same orange. And I print the same brick red on that same rust orange. Because it works. And, I do the same with my other colors. And, well, it works.

But in the interest of keeping things interesting and fresh, a few things are going to change. Mostly, I’m going to start playing (again) with colors.

I’m really happy with the colors and tones that I have. Earthy shades, rich colors, good contrasts. I’m happy that the colors I’ve done can really work on boys and girls. Those things will stay the same, but I’m going to start doing some more color-mixing and limited dye runs. You’ll see more color. Different color. New combinations.

And the shop will be filled with more truly one-of-a-kind shirts. And it’ll be fun.

Oh, and have I mentioned that there will be more designs, new designs.

Bugs? Can’t decide if this is really a direction I want to go. Thoughts?


A New Year and More Shows

It is 2012 and one of the goals I have for my little business venture is to do more live-in-person shows.

Two weeks into the year seems as good a time as any to start.

I’m so looking forward to it. In part because I want the chance to connect and chat with customers, but I’d also like to network and connect with the handmade/DIY community as well. It’d be nice to “talk shop” with some fellow crafters.

So, this weekend you’ll find me at the Handmade Market. I’ll be out next weekend, too.

I’ll be there with my usual stuff. Plus one new design, and you all get a sneak peek.

It’s about time this car-free lady had a bike design.

So yeah. If you’re in the area and looking for something to do on Saturday, stop by. It’d be fun to see you.


The Shop in the New Year

So, it’s a new year.

How’d that happen?!

I mean, really, wasn’t it just days ago that I was here, in this space singing the praises of egg nog.

Oh, that was two weeks ago. Wow. Sorry about that.

Anyways, the New Year.



Full of hope.



And, boy oh boy, do I have dreams. Big ones. Giant huge ones. For the shop. For this blog. For me. So, let’s start with the shop (we’ll talk about the blog and me tomorrow).

What began last year as a whim, a single listing on esty. Dipping my toes into the water.

Has, in just a matter of months, become so much more.

More designs.




And, I’m hoping that this year, will be more of the same.

More designs.

More sizes (adult shirts coming soon!!!).

More art prints.

More shows. (three already on the calendar!!!).

More doing what I love.

More doing what I can to help my little family continue to live the life we’ve chosen.

I hope you’ll be here. I hope you’ll be with me in this New Year watching, commenting, and sharing.

It’s going to be an amazing year. I can feel it.


Shop Update

Last month was an exciting month on the shop front. I had, what I would consider, my first successful show.

And I mean success in a variety of ways. There was, of course, conventional success. People bought my shirts. They bought my napkins. I went home with less inventory and more money. And that was nice, obviously.

But the success of the show was more than that. I got to talk to people. Real people. About my *art* (gasp!). I got to get honest reactions and feedback. I got to find out what people thought and liked. I got ideas…

Like this. I had already done the first two lyrics to the song, but a customer wanted all three. She was willing to get just the two and buy an elephant for the third kiddo, but I decided to work with her.

Because that’s the awesome thing about this gig. I get to make things that, hopefully, make people smile. And that’s pretty awesome.

And it doesn’t just stop there, or with that one woman. Over at my Etsy shop, I get frequent requests from customers who see something they like in the shop but want something just a bit different – different color print, different size, different sleeve length. And they ask.

And, most of the time, I get to say Yes! Yes, I can make that for you! (Just look at my Sold Items page, it is overwhelmed by my little Custom Order icon)

And then I do.

And I get to feel a bit like a magician.

Yup, this gig is pretty awesome.

The fact that I can do it while staying home with my little ones and loving on my dear “assistants,” major bonus!

(Oh, and there is still time if you’d like to place an order for the holidays. Just get in touch!)


Filling You In

A few weeks ago, I alluded to the fact that there are some good things going on behind-the-scenes of this little blog. There are, yes, there are.

Yesterday’s good news was one of them. My first for-real-published essay. Hopefully not the last, time will tell.

I also checked off another thing in my life list, selling something that I’ve made. A lovely woman in my mama’s group commissioned a sweater and hat set for a new babe in her family. It was good fun to work with her and I decided that I want to do more of that. More creating, more making, more sharing of the handmade love. In that vain, I decided to take a little bitty leap of faith.

Introducing . . . my shop.

(Look over there in the sidebar on the left, yup, it’s there too!!)

It’s small, for now. There are a few more things in the work basket, lots more ideas in my head, all of them just waiting for a few stolen moments to come to fruition. They will, trust me, they will.

So, that’s what’s been keeping me busy. Oh, and the gorgeous little boy I’ve got running around here. He just learned how to give raspberries yesterday and he, nor I, can get enough. It is too funny.