Sucked In

That’s the Hunger Games. On the iPad.

You know the brilliant thing about reading on the iPad…

If I prop it up, just so, I can knit at the same time.

This is the honey cowl. It is going to be for me. I think.

And, if the current reading pace keeps up, it’ll be done. Soon. Really soon. As will the trilogy.


Non-Shop Making

I’ll be honest, most of my stolen moments are filled with making for the shop. Sketching, carving, dyeing, printing.

Today, for example, I sketched two new designs for custom orders. I dyed a batch of my delicious marigold. I did a whole whack of shop maintenance while tending the dye bath. I packaged a few orders and walked them to the post office.

It is good. It is really really good. And I am feeling so very inspired and excited. And I definitely have a creative outlet.

But sometimes it is so good to return to something old. Something familiar. Something non-shop.

Oh, spinning wheel. It has been too long.

This lovely bit of fiber was a gift from my aunts. Three different colors of natural, undyed, sheepy goodness. And how lovely they look all plyed together.

I have no idea what it wants to be when it grows up. For now, I am content with it sitting on my work table. Reminding me to take a break, now and then, and create for me. Create for us.

Oh, and with this fiber all spun up I’ve found myself in a situation I haven’t been in for years. I have NO fiber in my stash. None. Zero. Must be remedied.